Who are you, and is your system evidence based?

We are successful people with a lot of life experience and professional knowledge. We have connected our resources to create a life mentoring service for the modern society.

We hired the best specialists in every aspect of life, and using our extensive knowledge and best practice, we created a complete evidence based, expert-approved system which analyses main elements of life quality. We are confident that collectively, we will be able to create a valuable body of knowledge, which will make life even better and happier. We are planning to form evidence and scientific research within.

The scientists from the Gallop Institute, USA, have been studying quality of life since mid-20 century, and they have also conducted a global 15-year duration study in 150 countries all around the world. The results of the study revealed 5 universal statistical measures which were found to influence wealth and happiness. These five universal measures of happiness form the base of our system, and they are important and valuable for everyone regardless of the circumstances, and these factors are also modifiable.

Why should I trust you with my personal information, and what are your confidentiality and security practices when it comes to data storage and analysis?

The service does not require your personal data to run the processes. You may stay completely anonymous and fill in the data boxes with approximates. For instance, you are free to pick a username instead of using the real one, pick a different day of the month for your birthday (although we will need the exact month and year), swap you occupation and company names for imaginary equivalents, and use any currency.

We do realise, however, that in some cases we will require personal or re-identifiable information to provide the best quality of service. To achieve that, we have developed all necessary processes and created optimal conditions to safely store and analyse such data. The conditions are following current Russian law.

Another factor to consider trusting us with your confidential information is that we are independent from any providers and sellers. In other words, we do not sell your data.

Are you licensed to provide regulated types of care, such as medical?

As outlined in our User Agreement, the Company does not provide any regulated services (including but not limited to medical care) that require any special form of registration, licensing, certification or governmental approval. In particular, we do not offer medical diagnostics, don’t provide compulsory recommendations and advice, don’t prescribe medications and don’t perform any kind of medical care that has to be licensed according to the Russian law. Contents of any publicly displayed materials, including web sites and mobile apps, including but not limited to text, images and graphs, are for informational purposes only and can’t be used as a substitute for professional medical and other certified/licensed care, diagnostics and treatment.

I have completed the questionnaires and found out my Life Index. What’s next?

Thank you for your patience and for investing in knowledge! We hope that completion of the questionnaires as such has sparked your interest to your quality of life! Using your personal Life Index, you can easily see and analyse where you stand in life, compare your results with others and determine where you’re doing well, and which aspects of life concern you. This will help you adequately assess your priorities and put more effort in the lacking parts. To achieve that, we’ll help you estimate the benefits of acting, and “the price of doing nothing”. In addition, we will help you at all stages of changes and improvements of your life. For this purpose, we have selected the best specialists in all areas of life, who will help you achieve life balance and happiness.

How frequently do I need to be completing the questionnaires, and what are the long-term benefits of your service?

We will determine it together. Depending on the situation and the actions taken, the frequency of completing the questionnaires may vary from weekly to monthly. We will provide you with recommendations on a regular basis, and following those will require analysing the progress. After subsequent analyses, the system will self-learn and provide you with more valuable recommendations and advice. Therefore, the value of the system will be increasing over time.

How different are you from other services and trackers?

Very. Let’s discuss just a few differences.

  1. Our focus is on Life as a whole, not just separate components such as nutrition, finance, fitness and such.
  2. Unique complex analysis system which generates an Index – and for several life aspects!
  3. Unique system to compare the Indices.
  4. A unique hybrid system of advice and recommendations, a symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence
  5. Unique expertise from the founders and the invited experts
  6. Aggregation of the best services and expertise for life and wealth.

How different is your service from coaching?

Coaching is a consulting and training method where a coach helps the student to achieve a certain goal, life or professional. We, however, focus on your overall wellbeing, which may compliment coaching. This means that our mentors will share their experience, knowledge and skills with you during the entire time of participation.

Do I need to complete all questionnaires to receive my Life Index?

Not necessarily. Your Index for a certain area of life appears on the screen immediately after you answer several critically important questions. This Index will have low precision, which will increase when you answer more questions. You will see the increase in a form of a scale. It is of benefit to you to answer as many questions as possible. This is due to several reasons. One of them is monetary – the more answers you provide, the more bonus points you receive to use later.

Who am I compared to and why?

We give you an opportunity to compare your Index for each area of life with other users. You can narrow the comparison by filtering by gender and age.

We believe that healthy competition is a powerful motivator, and comparing yourself to others gives perspective, provides a challenge, helps you believe in yourself and promoted conscious change. This way, one empowers themselves to improve their skills and facilitate self-development.

Who will be my mentor for each of the chosen aspects, and what qualifications and experience do they have?

Our specialists were picked according to multiple criteria, the most important ones being:

What’s the difference between registration and logging in via social networks (Facebook, Google+)?

Firstly – convenience. You won’t have to register and fill out multiple fields. You also won’t need to memorize your details for subsequent log-ins.

The second difference is benefits. Your unique profile in the preferred social network (or your social graph) will help us get to know you better and optimize our service for you.

What are bonuses and why do I need them?

Bonuses are our internal “loyalty currency”, kind of like loyalty miles you get for flying with certain companies.

You can earn bonuses by:

Filling in the questionnaires

Following recommendations

Ordering paid services

You can spend the bonuses by putting them towards a part (or the entire cost; conditions apply) of payment for our services.

What improvements and functionality can I expect from the service soon?

The functionality will keep growing consistently. The next major improvements are expected to be implemented are:

Integrating LinkedIn profiles to simplify the career questionnaire completion

Integrating unique gadgets and devices to monitor health and physical activity effectiveness, as well as subsequent recovery

Expanding the knowledge database

Subscription plans – basic (free) and premium (paid)

A new area – “Personal development”

A new area – “Conscious consumption”

Webinars, seminars and other educational initiatives

Opportunity to complete the best, internationally acclaimed psychology tests

Constructor to create a personal profile for external use (e.g. an internal role model, job search and social interactions)

Android and Winphone versions