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5 essential elements of life


General health profile, dietary,
physical conditions and activity,
psycho-emotional balance

Based on LifeIndex® you will be able to identify all major
gaps in your life, prioritize them and define a plan for
how to improve your life. The best and easiest way to
a better life!


is your personal mentor in assessing
and benchmarking the five essential
elements of your life: Health, Wealth,
Career, Social well-being and Living
environment, with calculations that
show in your personal LifeIndex® on
your screen

How to discover and gain new
knowledge, skills and
for confident
decision making

How to create and improve
my living and working
for a great
mood, creativity, emotional
balance and highest quality of life

How to fight fatigue and
and regain new
life energy

How to gain social skills
and habits of happier people

Install the
mobile app


Pass through the

and answer to
all questions on
your life

or go to


will analyze your
answers, assess your
and calculate
your personal


is a unique knowledge and wisdom aggregator for a better, holistic life

Lifeaddwiser® is:

Bring a unique EVP
based on people

Want a better life, but feeling challenged when trying to make priorities?

Lifeaddwiser® will help guide you
toward real world solutions for living
your best life, right now

a team of experienced professionals,
experts and mentors

a quick and easy life-gaps identifier

a smart adviser based on
specific, effective methodologies
and algorithms

a tracker for essential life areas

Experts consultations

Continuous development

How can Lifeaddwiser®
help you?

Assessing and benchmarking

Closing the gaps

Shared wisdom of Lifeaddwiser® community

Get control of corporate wellbeing right now!

Streamline your

For enterprises

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  • 5 essential elements of your life
  • How can Lifeaddwiser help you?
  • How it works?

by introducing an employee wellbeing
program, an innovative and turn-key
solution from Lifeaddwiser® for better
sustainability and performance

By improving the quality of life of your
employees, Your organization will:

Seeking advice from friends, family, the Internet, social
media, or books and magazines, but can't find the best
answers for your unique situation and busy lifestyle.

You are confused where to go to
and marking time?

You've been putting significant
effort into improving your life…

Living and working conditions
from your house to your city
and country

Relationships within family and
with friend, Hobbies and social life

Leverage the wisdom of Lifeaddwiser® team and mentors.
Make your first step toward better life!

How can Lifeaddwiser®
Team help you toward
better life?

If any questions or need for assistance, then just
choose the most appropriate Lifeaddwiser® mentor
and get the best advice available

The Purpose of Lifeaddwiser® is to help
people to attain happy and successful lives.

Lifeaddwiser's® founders are leading innovators who come
from all over the world, from various industries and cultures.
They are happy, healthy and successful individuals who
want to share what they've learned with you.

Lifeaddwiser® aggregates the life information of all members and
by applying comprehensive data-analytic toolkits will craft the
best action plan that will enable you to learn from others and
avoid from all major mistakes in implementing the changes

Lifeaddwiser® will assess your Life in five essential areas,
pinpoint deficits, identify gaps, recognize strengths and produce
benchmark statistics that will add up an accurate picture of where
you are, today. Lifeaddwiser® will then develop a personal action
plan to help you create and maintain a more balanced and joyous

Lifeaddwiser® will develop a personal action plan,
which implementation will make your life balanced
and full of happiness

You will get a rich picture of your life in a native and friendly way,
like the palm of your hand. You will get access to a descriptive
dashboard of your life. By measuring your life you will be able
to control and improve it.

Retain and Attract
best talent

Enjoy healthier culture,
outstanding organizational
sustainability, employees’
engagement and

Create healthier and safer
working environment





Living Environment

Lifeaddwiser SA
1400, Yverdon-les-Bains, Y-Parc, Switzerland

General financial position, net
worth, degree of independence
and leverage, risks, budget

Personal brand, career path
and consistency, market
attractiveness, professional

How it works?





How to maximize my results
from gym
and feel new energy

How to avoid common
mistakes in dietary

and get it balanced


Get the App:

How to become wealthier
and financially independent

How to find the dream-job
and make a successful career